12. A Walk in Adrian Bell Country

Brampton - Beccles 6¾ miles

Beccles Museum
planning your walk
Time:Allow about 3 - 4 hours
Suggested map:Explorer map 231 Southwold and Bungay
Refreshment:Carry sufficient food and drink for the whole of the walk; there are no pubs or shops directly on the route
Useful info:The Horseshoes public house at Ringsfield Corner is about ¼ mile off route.
Beccles & District Museum - 01502 715722

Despite its name, Brampton station is nearer to Redisham, a village associated with East Anglian writer Adrian Bell, who farmed nearby in the 1940s before moving to Beccles.

His book ‘Apple Acre’ gives a charming, evocative and often amusing account of life and work in the local landscape of those times. The route passes through the green parklands surrounding Redisham Hall, a delightful interlude in a predominantly arable countryside.

route finder

Route finding - key points (numbers refer to points on the route diagrams)

  1. From the station platform go over the level crossing and along the road to a sharp right bend.
  2. Cross the field ahead in the same general direction as the road from the station, passing close to the mid-field pond to meet a hedge at the corner of the field.
  3. Cross the field ahead on the line of the first and third electricity poles, making for a hedged corner.
  4. Cross footbridge to continue on the other side of the hedge.
  5. At path junction cross plank footbridge, then go left to follow new field edge path away from Wood Farm.
  6. Go right on a long, field-edge bridleway, becoming a track at the side of the wood, then by side of a stream to pass farm buildings and walled gardens near hall.
  7. Where the main drive swings right, keep ahead through a gate to cross parkland following a stream on your left.
  8. Look left for the continuation of the bridleway across a wooden bridge, not ahead across rough ground. Follow between hedges and bear left to the road at the driveway to Pound Farm.
  9. Just beyond the school, bridleway goes off to the right.
  10. Cross the bridge and go right towards Old Hall Farm and road at Ringsfield church. Follow the road left for 150 yards.
  11. The bridleway branches right to Lodge Farm.
  12. Opposite farm buildings the bridleway branches right.
  13. Follow track left round the bend, keeping to the right of the hedge, then continue to the road.
  14. At a sharp corner turn left along a sunken track, leading to the busy B1062: cross with care, go right on grass verge path, then left into Puddingmoor.
  15. Cliff House steps lead up to the museum and town centre.


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